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Milroc Kadamba
Milroc Kadamba is conceptualized to be a premium residential apartment community. Designed with understated luxury in mind, spacious homes with contemporary facilities merge eco-friendly living with the finesse of a modern lifestyle.

Vista do Mar
Finding adjectives to describe the location is far from easy. Shall we call it
spectacular? The meeting of beach and sky certainly is.
Located in Goa, an erstwhile Portuguese colony, now a proud state of India, Vista
do Mar offers entry through a quiet village road into a stretch of hill-side 117ft
high, a view of the sea, of the sky, of heritage sites, of an ideal place to live in.
The search for beauty and peace is never-ending. This road is a picturesque lap of
this journey. It leads us to Vista do Mar, an exclusive housing complex that carries
the name View of the Sea in the Portuguese language.

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