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"Building Better Homes. Building A Better Tomorrow"

We at Milroc strive not just to build better homes but better futures for generations to come. We recognize that what we do affects not just our surroundings and our ecology but the spirit of the user and the wider world. Our thrust has always been on a BETTER BUILT ENVIRONMENT, a concept that essentially incorporates the home with the family as its focal point, values, a quieter lifestyle and community living.

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Mr. Noel & Mrs. ShilpaCaldeira (Ribandar Retreat)
Oct 2004

We have the way the complex and each flat has been planned – ample greenery, light and privacy from each flat. Won’t ever find any other complex with so many beautiful trees and open spaces, and with the same tranquility and peace. We truly feel we have come HOME when we come back to our flat here. This is the next best thing to having a bungalow. The grounds are maintained beautifully – keep it up! And thanks for building something so beautiful….

Thank you for the trees
And thank you for the wide open spaces
But most of all……..
Thank you for not putting just another “BLOTCH” on this paradise we call GOA!!

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